Heritage Plaques

The Peace Country Historical Society would like to honour historical places, people and events throughout the Alberta Peace River Country with pictorial plaques on existing buildings, similar to the “Memory Lane” project done for Grande Prairie’s 100th anniversary.

You can nominate a historic site in your community. All you need is a story and access to a relevant photograph. Applicants will be asked to assist in getting permission from a nearby building owner where the plaque can be installed.

The completed plaque will contain an 11 x 14 in. photograph and a description of about 50 words, as well as the logos of the contributing organization and the Peace Country Historical Society. It should be put up in an area where it will be seen by local residents.

Each year, 3 to 5 stories will be chosen by committee from the nominations.

Please note that if the building has already been recognized as a federal, provincial or municipal heritage site, it does not qualify for this project.

If you’d like to see pictures of the installed plaques, you can here

You can suggest a plaque to us using this form (PDF or Word format).