Kleskun Lake Ranch Tour - Postponed

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Welcome to the Peace Country Historical Society’s website. We’re 1 of the 5 Chapters of the Historical Society of Alberta. We focus on the unique history of the Peace Country region in northwestern Alberta. Our objective is to foster, in many ways, an appreciation of this history.

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Upcoming Events

Kleskun Lake Ranch Tour - POSTPONED

Unfortunately, the recently announced PCHS tour of the Kleskun Lake Ranch site on September 25th has been postponed for now. Our Board reviewed the recent Alberta Health guidance around gatherings during latest Covid situation, and decided not to hold the event.

Hopefully, the situation will change at some point.

Board members have been developing plans for events to be held over the winter. The schedule looks like this at the moment, but of course is subject to the future pandemic situation.

October/November - a presentation on a little known radar line that ran through the Saddle Hills during the Cold War.

January/February - a National Film Board film on "New Farmlands in the West with footage of the Peace County.

March - a presentation on the Land Settlement Database that PCHS funded. Results and analysis will be discussed.

Watch this website and your newsletter for updates.

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The Peace Country Historical Society is a branch of the Historical Society of Alberta.