Where it Started

Peace Country Historical Society

The Peace Country Historical Society was launched at a symposium held at the Grande Prairie Regional College attended by representatives of heritage groups, museums, and archives as well as other interested people from across the Peace River Country. Incorporation as a Chapter of the HSA followed in 2009.


• Encouraging study & appreciation of the history of the Peace Country.

• To operate as a chapter of the Historical Society of Alberta and support its aims and objectives.

• To support local Museums and Archives and Heritage groups of the Peace Country region.  To promote and publish historical works, develop educational and programming activities related to Peace Country history and to advocate for the preservation of the historical heritage in this region.

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We are a network of individuals who believe that the character of those who have lived and who continue to live in the Peace River Country is shaped by the unique setting and history of this region. We believe our stories need to be researched and shared in the fullness of our unique perspective, rather than as asides in the larger narratives of Alberta and Canada.

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Board Members

Mary Nutting President
Janet Peterson Vice President
Wanda Zenner Treasurer
Josephine Sallie Secretary
David Leonard Director
David Rhody Director
David Merriam Director
Charles Taws Director
Susan Thomson Director
Historical Resources

Peace River Country

Recognized National Historic Sites in the Peace Country

Recognized Provincial Historic Sites in the Peace Country

Recognized Municipal Historic Sites in the Peace Country

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